The building


The building of this website is due to the love for Sea Shanties.

Being a former sailor there are still a lot of nice memories. Collecting Shanty Choirs is just not something, it is addicting!! It starts with buying just one CD, than another, and one more etc. ButÖ this hobby run out of control. Thatís why I started building this data website, but I canít do this on my own anymore!

So I call out to all choirs to help me out and assist me with any relevant information.

For example info about your existing or latest CD etc. All updated information such as festivals (where and when) will be placed on the agenda.

 Just report this on and we will take care of it. We also do appreciate if you link our website on to yours. We wish you all lots of fun and pleasure viewing and listening to our website.

With a kind Ahoy