Andy Kenna
Benny Graham
Bernie Daviss
Chris Ricketts
Derek Gifford
Dick Miles
Du Hag Owr
Exmouth Shanty Men
Falmouth Shout Shanty Singers
Four'n 'Aft
Graeme Knights
Hobsons Island
Hughie Jones
Jim Mageean
Jon Heslop
Keith Kendrick
Kimber's men
Liam Robinson
Liverpool Shanty Kings
Liverpool Packet
Monkeys Fist
Monkey's Orphan
Nine Thenths Below
Pegleg Ferret
Portsmouth Shantymen
Ray Moore
Richard Grainer
Roaring Forties
Roy Clinging
Rum and Shrub Shantymen
Run Out The Guns
Scolds Bridle
Shanty Annas
Shanty Jack
Sharp As Razors
Shep Woolley
Stan Hugill
Stormalong John
The Cromer Smugglers
The Harry Browns
The Keelers
The Mersey Wreckers
The Shanty Crew
The Shellback Chorus
The Sheringham Shantymen
The Vagrants Crew
The Young'Uns
Three Sheets to the Wind
Trim Rig & Doxy
Wareham Whalers